Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is Sleepy Wrap warm and tips for nursing

We have often received questions on the stretchy wraps and the most common ones are whether the Sleepy Wrap is warm and the kind of breastfeeding tops that can best be used with it. Below are the commonly asked questions and our answers.

Q: Will the Sleepy Wrap be very warm to wear in Singapore's humid weather? What has been your experience with this?

A: Firstly you will need to be aware that there will always be some body heat trapped as long as you carry your baby. A baby carrier made with natural fibres (eg. cotton, linen) is more breathable that those made of synthetic fibres (eg.polyester, nylon). The Sleepy Wrap is made of cotton and feels like a T-shirt material, so it breathes rather well. In our experience it is not exactly a lot warmer to wear than other carriers, although it will definitely be slightly warmer than using a ring sling since there is additional layer of cloth going around you. Having said that, heat tolerance is a personal thing and some people find that the organic cotton Sleepy Wrap can be cooler and more breathable than the normal ones. We have personally tested a Sleepy Wrap with a newborn in Singapore at home for two hours without any air-conditioning (mid-year) and do not exactly find it very much warmer than carrying the baby in arms.

Q: What kind of breastfeeding tops gives best access to babies to feed with the Sleepy Wrap? 

A: With the Sleepy Wrap, you should be looking at nursing tops with top down access. This will help you nurse easily and more discreetly. A bottom up nursing access can be too cumbersome for use with a Sleepy Wrap. For many of our mothers, they have learnt to also just wear a simple stretchy spaghetti strapped tank and pull down for nursing, doing away with any nursing tops. The top panel of the Sleepy wrap can be used as a cover up for when you nurse your baby.


  1. Hi there, I bought a sleepy wrap from your shop a few months back... i saw in your picture gallery that some parents carry their babes in the sleepy wrap with them facing out (instead of facing their chests). Is that a recommended position? cos i didn't see it in the instructions booklet.. also, will it be uncomfortable for the baby? Thanks Pearline!

  2. Hello! I hope you are enjoying your Sleepy Wrap as much as we enjoyed ours. Some people do use the Sleepy Wrap in an outward-facing position with their babies from neck support. Although this is possible, we do not exactly recommend such positions because the outward-facing position is not an ergonomic one, both for the parent and the child being carried.

    There is a separate post on forward-facing carriers earlier. See

    The post with a discussion thread by parents can also be similarly found at!/note.php?note_id=119925289091

  3. Hi AlanSal,

    Just to add - if you are talking about the lady with a black wrap in our fan page, that is actually not a outward-facing position. It is actually a cradle carry position and the baby was looking out of the carrier. :) That is possible for babies who are not very tall yet. Check out how to do that cradle carry with our instructional video or pop by for your free babywearing support. Video is available at

    Happy Babywearing! :)

  4. Hmm.. thanks v much Pearline, I hv taken time to read the links you've given and hv a better idea now... I must say although I am better at my sleepy wrap now (not the tying, but the "insertion" of baby), I still have moments when I take too long or didn't put her in correctly and so she becomes not too comfortable. So I might just drop by and consult you one of these days!!

    Thanks for being help in a time of need! :)


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