Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bumwear Diaper Package Christmas Giveaway!

We are delighted to have our good friends at Bumwear to sponsor this Christmas Giveaway. They are giving away a set of their award winning diaper and two dual function NV inserts (total worth $44)  specially to our fans. Prize collection will be at their boutique at United Square - just a stone's throw away from our boutique.

Here's a message from Bumwear:

Bumwear is delighted to host a Giveaway of our Award Winning Diaper and two dual function NV inserts (total worth $44) to the Facebook fans of Baby Slings and Carriers.

Bumwear is Singapore's One Stop Shop for all your cloth diapering needs. Loved by moms in Singapore since 2002, Bumwear One Size diapers can be worn by babies from 4kg upwards all the way to the toilet training age. Proudly made in Singapore with quality imported materials from the USA, Bumwear diapers are not only functional but also cute and good looking. With Bumwear cloth diapers, you can do your part for the environment, save on diapering costs and save your baby from the agony of diaper rashes.

With this Giveaway, you can choose from any of our 40+ designs of one size diapers. We bet it won't be an easy choice.

Here's how to participate in this Giveaway:

To enter to win this Giveaway, just post on our Facebook wall to let us know you will like to win this Giveaway.

This Giveaway is exclusively for our FaceBook fans only. If you have not joined us on FaceBook yet, click "Like" to join us and post on our wall to let us know you want to enter to win this Giveaway and stand a chance to win this diaper set worth S$44 from Bumwear.

 Prize is to be collected from their store @ United Square #01-35 by January 15, 2012. Good luck!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Giveaway - Sakura Bloom Pure Irish Linen sling

Woohoo!!! It's Christmas time again and what better time than to snuggle your baby up close and personal with a luxurious pure Irish linen sling like the Sakura Bloom ring sling? We have one worth S$160 for this holiday season. Ho, ho, ho!!!

Unlike normal ring slings made of cotton material, the Sakura Bloom slings are pure comfort in our humid weather and wears a lot better even with heavier weights. Sakura Bloom Pure baby slings are crafted of only the world's finest soft Irish linens and each sling is made with care in Massachusetts, USA.

Linen is naturally antibacterial with a built-in wicking property to it, so is fantastic for hot climates where baby might be sweating.  It will wick moisture away from the baby and then dry quickly on it own keeping you both comfortable.  Linen is made from Flax which is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers. Flax is five times (yes, five times!!!) stronger than cotton! Sakura Bloom linen slings breathe beautifully, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Baby Slings & Carriers carry a wide range of ring slings and Sakura Bloom slings are truly special in their own right. We've got several ring sling users whose slings were causing them a fair bit of discomfort when their babies got heavier as their slings' construction and material cuts into their shoulders, but  yetcouldn't live without a ring sling. All of them were thrilled with how Sakura Bloom could create a ring sling that could both distribute weight a lot better than most other ring slings, but best of all provide cool snuggly comfort for their babies.Yes, they are more breathable than Cotton or Cotton Sateen materials and wears a lot better.

We are very happy to have Bei & Kai sponsor this Christmas Giveaway (thank you, Amy) only at Baby Slings & Carriers this Christmas.The lucky winner gets to walk away with a Sakura Bloom sling (either Sprout or Canyon color - your choice), self-collect at our Square 2 boutique.

 Sakura Bloom Pure Canyon
Sakura Bloom Pure Sprout

Now, how do you be that lucky winner of this Christmas Giveaway? Simply click "Like" each time we post information on this Christmas Giveaway on our FaceBook fan page. The person who clicks the most "Likes" each time we post on this Christmas Giveaway will win the sling. If there is a tie, then we will conduct a lucky draw of the top entries to pick the winner. Contest closes on 22 December 2012, 2359hrs and the winner will be announced the next day.

Quick, share this with your friends who are expecting or even those who are looking at a great option to sling.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Great Babywearing Share'athon 2011 Results!!!

Our Annual Babywearing Share'athon has concluded with much success and we want to take this opportunity to thank all our fans for taking the time out to submit your entries. All the photographs and testimonials are great, and we had a hard time deciding who the winners are and we apologize having to delay the announcement.

Check out below if you are our winner for any of the categories. For those who did not win, you may like to know that we are contacting you very soon about a special prize to thank you for your efforts.

Category A: Best Babywearing Daddy Testimonial
(This entry wins a Manduca Limited Edition Blue Memory Carrier worth S$279.90)

 Lim Chuan Yen, wearing a CatBirdBaby Pikkolo Carrier
Starting Young
A day at the sake bar with papa and the 2 uncle SKs. Who says daddies have to give up pubbing! While mama was out, I slipped the Pikkolo Baby Carrier, took Charlee with me and escaped to the sake bar!!!
Spent the evening drinking sake and teaching my daughter about the sleazy men to avoid!

(We selected this entry because it gave us a good laugh at how this Dad continues going to have drinks with a baby in tow and when Mommy was out. Sneaky.....)

Category B: Freedom Together
(This entry wins a Boba 3G Baby Carrier in Montenegro worth $189.90)

Ana Ismail-Ow wearing a Patapum Carrier

Freedom Together - Ana & Keyaan, aged 1.5 years, trekking in the Ubud countryside in Bali.
With the Patapum carrier, every step of every journey with your child is a memorable one. :)

(We really love this entry as it brought out the theme of Freedom Together. With a good ergonomic baby carrier, one can truly roam the Earth freely and not be limited by where a stroller can go. This shows babywearing at its best and without any sort of backaches to the parents.)

Category C: Why You Need a Boba Wrap
( This entry wins a Boba Wrap in Dark Green worth $79.90)

Hannah Hazmi: My husband & I had only been married for two mths when I first learnt about my pregnancy. Since then, life has been quite an exciting journey for us - from making that first visit to the gynae, having our first ultrasound, battling through the woes of morning sickness, hearing our little one's heart beat for the first time... we know now that the journey can only get more and more exciting from here on and we want the Boba Wrap to be a part of it. Being a first-time mummy, my mind is constantly filled with questions and doubts, but if there is one thing at all that I am so sure of, its that I want a Boba Wrap for my baby. One of my good friends who's an experienced mother of 3 swears by the Boba Wrap, after having tried-and-tested a whole range of baby carriers in the market, and seeing her little one snuggling so comfortably in the wrap makes me dream and yearn for the day when I finally have my own Boba Wrap, with my very own little one in it. :)

To thank everyone for your support, all photo & testimonial entries will be getting a special gift from us. We will be sending you a private messahe via FaceBook on how you can pick up the items.

Happy Weekend and Happy Babywearing from all of us at Baby Slings & Carriers!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Great Babywearing Share'athon 2011

Take part in our annual Babywearing Share'athon 2011 and stand to win attractive prizes like a Manduca Limited Edition Blue Memory Carrier worth $279.90 (already out of stock worldwide!), a Boba Wrap in Olive Green worth $79.90, a Boba 3G Carrier worth $189.90, and fumbee Carrier Strap Protectors!

This year, we have brought forward our Babywearing Share'athon from December to coincide with International Babywearing Week held annually in the month of October.

Often, an encouraging Dad who will "get his hands dirty" can be a huge support for any new moms grappling with a newborn or toddling child. Sometimes, a Daddy's contributions can get overlooked. This year we celebrate these Daddies and the theme for our contest this year is:   

"Babywearing Dads - A World of Possibilities"

There are a total of four categories for  Babywearing Share'athon 2011. Hurry, check out our contest details below! Contest closes 11:59pm (Singapore time) Sunday, 13 November 2011, and all entries must be submitted via our FaceBook fan page.

Category A: Best Babywearing Daddy Testimonial
(Prize: A Manduca Blue Memory Limited Edition Carrier worth $279.90)
  • Daddies, this is specially for you. Submit a photo of you wearing your child in any of our slings, wraps or carriers. Brands and carrier types accepted are Manduca Baby Carrier, Sleepy (or Boba) Wrap, Boba Carrier, Patapum Carrier, Ellaroo slings, wraps or carriers, Pikkolo Baby Carriers, JumpSac slings, TaylorMade Sling, Sakura Bloom slings and any Mei Tais.  
  •  Each entry should come with you and your child’s name (first name is good enough), where it is taken, as well as how old the child is in the photo.
  • Send us a testimonial of how babywearing has helped you bond with your child, helped your wife or in your parenting journey. You can even share any babywearing incidents/ captions to go along with your photo instead of your testimonial.This will give you an additional chance at winning this category.

Category B: Freedom Together
(Prize: A recently launched Boba 3G Montenegro Carrier worth $189.90)
  • Submit a family photo of you wearing your child in any of our slings, wraps or carriers in an outdoor shot. Person wearing can either be a Daddy or Mommy or even grandparent. Brands and carrier types accepted are Manduca Baby Carrier, Sleepy (or Boba) Wrap, Boba Carrier, Patapum Carrier, Ellaroo slings, wraps or carriers, Pikkolo Baby Carriers, JumpSac slings, TaylorMade Sling, Sakura Bloom slings and any Mei Tais.
  • Each entry should be submitted with you and your child’s name (first name is good enough), where it is taken, as well as how old the child is in the photo.

Category C: Why you need a Boba Wrap?
(Prize: A recently launched Boba Wrap in Olive Green worth $79.90)

  • This category is simple, just tell us why you will like to win a Boba Wrap and how you think it will help you care for your newborn. 

Category D: Share your Babywearing Experience
(Prize: 5 pairs of fumbee Carrier Strap Protectors Choco each worth $24.90 to be won)
  • Share with us on FaceBook in a short sentence about any of your interesting incidents, thoughts, reason or even why you like babywearing. 
  • There is no judging criteria for this category, but winners will be drawn randomly from all participating entries on FaceBook. Just share on our Wall.

 How to Join?

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Brands and carrier types accepted for Category A & B are Manduca Baby Carrier, Sleepy (or Boba) Wrap, Boba Carrier, Patapum Carrier, Ellaroo slings, wraps or carriers, Pikkolo Baby Carriers, JumpSac slings, TaylorMade Sling, Sakura Bloom Slings or any Mei Tais.
  • Baby Slings & Carriers reserve the right to reject any entries that does not fulfill the terms set out in each contest category.
  • Prizes must be taken as they are and cannot be exchanged for cash or other colors or any other different products.
  • Contest is open to Singapore residents only as collection of prizes must be in person or by an authorised representative. If you are from outside Singapore but in Asia and wish to participate, you may still do so but you will need to pay for any related shipping charges which we will advise on. All risks related to shipping will be undertaken by you.
  • Winners will be notified on 16 November 2011 through Facebook and prizes must be collected within 30 days or they will be donated to charity.
  • By taking part in this contest, you unreservedly allow Baby Slings & Carriers as well as the participating brands to use your photos and testimonials in any of our future marketing materials. 

So what are you waiting for? Send in your entries and share the news now!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Is Breastmilk Still the Best?

There has always been a lot of discussion and research going on that sometimes say that breastmilk is best and at other times that breastmilk can be replicated by infant formula. So how can parents know which research is right and accurate? As a company we have always believed in the miracle of breastmilk and mother nature, and believe that no matter what any research shows, Man can never replicate nature. 

Perhaps the best example of why breastmilk is best was shared recently by one of our colleagues at Baby Slings & Carriers using the example of bees. 

Shared with permission by Donnie Lee (in his FaceBook posting):

"I believe that breast milk like royal jelly are miracles of nature. 

A bee master shared with me before that the difference between the Queen bee and a worker bee is the amount of royal jelly they get when they are larva's. The former is exclusively fed royal jelly while the worker bees only get 3 days of royal jelly. 

While the queen bee can live for at least 3-4 years and up to 8 years long, an average worker bee only lives for a few months.

Scientist have attempted to reproduce royal jelly based on synthetically based on the precise chemical mixture & breakdown using the most sophisticated machines. When this "man-made" royal jelly was fed to bee larvae... the result? Still just work bees! 

While bees in nature have never failed to create their queen anytime they needed one, humans have NEVER been able to replicate that process.

The lesson I learned from that story is that not everything can be explained by science. We just don't know what we don't know. Perhaps it would make sense for us to have more faith in nature than science and understand that somethings we don't see does mean they are not there."

How apt! With this, we wish all breastfeeding families a wonderful World Breastfeeding Week! Happy Breastfeeding!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Announcing Winners of the Great Babywearing Share'athon 2010

Our first Great Babywearing Share'athon 2010 has concluded successfully last Friday and we want to thank all our fans for sharing your babywearing photos and experiences, as well as guessing the carriers. All the entries for Category A and B were overwhelmingly fabulous and we had a tough time deciding on the winners over the weekend.

As a result of this success and because of the quality of the entries, we actually got a sponsorship for cash vouchers as well as a special prize on top of the prizes for the 3 categories and  the $50 cash voucher to be given away. Just a hint - everyone is a winner if you have taken part in both Category A and B. Please check the below list for your names. (All winners will also receive information on how to claim your prizes via FaceBook over the next few days. Please note that all prizes are final and not exchangeable for cash or other products.)

*Drum Roll* - and here are our winners:

Category A: Best Babywearing Photo 
(This entry wins a Manduca Bamboo Flame worth S$279.90)

Winning entry from Natalie Yeo:
"Carrying little Seraphina from birth to 5mths plus was a headache because we couldn’t do anything else. But after purchasing the Manduca, everything to be done with little Seraphina is so simple. So this is a picture of Mummy Natalie and Baby Seraphina at 6mths enjoying our Christmas outing at the Christmas Tree at Ngee Ann City, Orchard amidst the crowd in Dec 2010. Seraphina knows when Mummy puts the Manduca on, its time to go out! At a nice height she can see and touch whatever mummy sees and touch and I find this very interactive. She also sleeps well in the Manduca and has been the soothing tool when she is out of the carrier and cranky. Mummy Natalie and Baby Seraphina simply love the Manduca, it’s a definite package when going out! Using the Manduca just twice has brought the bond with mummy and daughter closer, previously when I go out, she would just look and turn away, now its like she is saying “I wanna come too!” I can’t wait to Manduca her out again!"

Category B: Best Babywearing Testimonial 
(This entry wins a Manduca Bamboo Flame worth S$279.90)
Winning entry from Doreen Eng:
"This is Arianna, 7 months then, sleeping soundly in the Manduca carrier in Spain Nov 2010. I bought the manduca carrier from Baby Slings & Carriers just before our 1st overseas trip and was so glad I did. We did not bring a stroller along. It was so easy to carry baby Arianna around. She was so comfortable in the carrier that she just fell asleep and took her nap anytime and anywhere.

Being a user of sleepy wrap since Arianna was 1 month old, I strongly believe in the benefits of carrying my baby. I wanted a carrier that could last till my baby is at least 3 years old. I also wanted one that my husband is willing to use regulary, so that he can help carry her. In fact, he likes it so much, he is the one carrying her most of the time when we are out...:)

Without doubt, Manduca carrier is money well spent. We are using it on a daily basis."

Category C: Guess the Carriers 
(This entry wins a Boba Classic Twilight)

The correct answers are:
1) Sleepy Wrap
2) JumpSac Baby Sling
3) Manduca Baby Carrier

Winning entry: Mythili Pandi

S$50 Baby Slings & Carriers cash voucher 
(lucky draw for entries that combine both Category A and B)

Winning entry from Norinna Izhar
"Daddy can dance even when I'm in Manduca! 
Carrying lil' Nabil when he was 9mths old during our trip to London was definitely a breeze! Even as he turns 16mths and gets heavier by the day, the Manduca carrier does a GREAT job in distributing his weight equally well. We definitely can't leave home without it!"

Special Prize!!! - This photo entry wins a Boba Classic Twilight
(Our distributor has kindly sponsored this as they loved the idyllic picture with the Sleepy Wrap.)
Winning entry from Regina Hermelin:
"This is me with baby Bianca sleeping in her Sleepy Wrap. She was 10 weeks when the picture was taken in our apartment in Singapore. We have now been using the Sleepy Wrap for a month and I am really happy with it. Bianca is a determined little girl who does not want to sleep in her cot in day time, but in the wrap she ...sleeps great, and I find it really confortable carrying her in it, and it also gives me free hands to get things done. It helps me give her all the closeness and confort she needs and also saves my back!"

Special Prize: $20 Baby Slings & Carriers voucher
This special prize is given to Tay Shi'an for the creative effort in her photo entries and a storyline on her babywearing journey.
"Baby Rae and I at our very first outing @ the Singapore Garden Festival in July 2010. Rae had just turned 1 month at the time, and being a noob first time mum, I was worried how baby would react outside, especially since the Suntec convention hall was freezing! (super low temperatures for the plants). But baby stayed snug, warm and asleep in her Sleepy Wrap all through the visit as we bought plants and explored exotic gardens together.... (part 1/2)"
"5 months later, on New Year's Eve @ Orchard Road: Rae is 6 months old now and growing super well, 8kg and counting! She loves to be carried, and we're still using her Sleepy Wrap, which has kept its shape well (though I guess technically it has no specific shape, which is why we've managed to keep using it to fit her as she grew). Good option for mum on crowded days with lots of walking, when a pram is unwieldy and baby is too heavy to carry freestyle. Plus, with enough hands to carry a drink and take our own picture in a shop mirror. I could have carried her baby bag too, but that's what Daddy (in background) is for :) Happy New Year fellow mums! (part 2/2)"

Appreciation Prizes of $10 Baby Slings & Carriers vouchers goes to all the following of our FaceBook fans who have spent time and effort to send in your entries. We know it was a hectic rush with the year end holidays and appreciate your effort in sending in your entries. Thank you everyone!
1) Mulyadi Feruza
2) Lim Fang Qi
3) Sherlyn Ong
4) Adelene Yap
5) Angeline Moon
6) Malai Pensuk
7) Ilyn Tan Yee Lin
8) Wong Tzer Miin
9) Joey Wong
10) Meg Tan
11) Ling Yun Chin

Congratulations to all our winners and we hope that you continue to enjoy your babywearing journey and spread the good word of great babywearing!