Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Is Breastmilk Still the Best?

There has always been a lot of discussion and research going on that sometimes say that breastmilk is best and at other times that breastmilk can be replicated by infant formula. So how can parents know which research is right and accurate? As a company we have always believed in the miracle of breastmilk and mother nature, and believe that no matter what any research shows, Man can never replicate nature. 

Perhaps the best example of why breastmilk is best was shared recently by one of our colleagues at Baby Slings & Carriers using the example of bees. 

Shared with permission by Donnie Lee (in his FaceBook posting):

"I believe that breast milk like royal jelly are miracles of nature. 

A bee master shared with me before that the difference between the Queen bee and a worker bee is the amount of royal jelly they get when they are larva's. The former is exclusively fed royal jelly while the worker bees only get 3 days of royal jelly. 

While the queen bee can live for at least 3-4 years and up to 8 years long, an average worker bee only lives for a few months.

Scientist have attempted to reproduce royal jelly based on synthetically based on the precise chemical mixture & breakdown using the most sophisticated machines. When this "man-made" royal jelly was fed to bee larvae... the result? Still just work bees! 

While bees in nature have never failed to create their queen anytime they needed one, humans have NEVER been able to replicate that process.

The lesson I learned from that story is that not everything can be explained by science. We just don't know what we don't know. Perhaps it would make sense for us to have more faith in nature than science and understand that somethings we don't see does mean they are not there."

How apt! With this, we wish all breastfeeding families a wonderful World Breastfeeding Week! Happy Breastfeeding!

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