Friday, November 18, 2011

Great Babywearing Share'athon 2011 Results!!!

Our Annual Babywearing Share'athon has concluded with much success and we want to take this opportunity to thank all our fans for taking the time out to submit your entries. All the photographs and testimonials are great, and we had a hard time deciding who the winners are and we apologize having to delay the announcement.

Check out below if you are our winner for any of the categories. For those who did not win, you may like to know that we are contacting you very soon about a special prize to thank you for your efforts.

Category A: Best Babywearing Daddy Testimonial
(This entry wins a Manduca Limited Edition Blue Memory Carrier worth S$279.90)

 Lim Chuan Yen, wearing a CatBirdBaby Pikkolo Carrier
Starting Young
A day at the sake bar with papa and the 2 uncle SKs. Who says daddies have to give up pubbing! While mama was out, I slipped the Pikkolo Baby Carrier, took Charlee with me and escaped to the sake bar!!!
Spent the evening drinking sake and teaching my daughter about the sleazy men to avoid!

(We selected this entry because it gave us a good laugh at how this Dad continues going to have drinks with a baby in tow and when Mommy was out. Sneaky.....)

Category B: Freedom Together
(This entry wins a Boba 3G Baby Carrier in Montenegro worth $189.90)

Ana Ismail-Ow wearing a Patapum Carrier

Freedom Together - Ana & Keyaan, aged 1.5 years, trekking in the Ubud countryside in Bali.
With the Patapum carrier, every step of every journey with your child is a memorable one. :)

(We really love this entry as it brought out the theme of Freedom Together. With a good ergonomic baby carrier, one can truly roam the Earth freely and not be limited by where a stroller can go. This shows babywearing at its best and without any sort of backaches to the parents.)

Category C: Why You Need a Boba Wrap
( This entry wins a Boba Wrap in Dark Green worth $79.90)

Hannah Hazmi: My husband & I had only been married for two mths when I first learnt about my pregnancy. Since then, life has been quite an exciting journey for us - from making that first visit to the gynae, having our first ultrasound, battling through the woes of morning sickness, hearing our little one's heart beat for the first time... we know now that the journey can only get more and more exciting from here on and we want the Boba Wrap to be a part of it. Being a first-time mummy, my mind is constantly filled with questions and doubts, but if there is one thing at all that I am so sure of, its that I want a Boba Wrap for my baby. One of my good friends who's an experienced mother of 3 swears by the Boba Wrap, after having tried-and-tested a whole range of baby carriers in the market, and seeing her little one snuggling so comfortably in the wrap makes me dream and yearn for the day when I finally have my own Boba Wrap, with my very own little one in it. :)

To thank everyone for your support, all photo & testimonial entries will be getting a special gift from us. We will be sending you a private messahe via FaceBook on how you can pick up the items.

Happy Weekend and Happy Babywearing from all of us at Baby Slings & Carriers!

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